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May Rowland - Healing Workshop

May Rowland.  Healing Workshop Recordings

These are four recordings of May Rowland that are labeled "Healing Workshop." Dan Bates was able to identify the people on the tapes. He writes:

Hello Mark, The voices on the May Rowland Healing Workshop tapes are 1. Foster McClellan & May, 2. J Sig Paulson & May Rowland 3. J Sig Paulson & May Rowland, 4. Foster McClellan, Ernest Wilson, May Rowland. Foster McClellan and his wife Paula ( parents of Carla McClellan ) were the Retreat Masters in the early to mid 70's. Sig Paulson and his wife Jane were the Unity Village Chapel Senior Ministers. You may want to compare the voices of Rocco Errico & Sig Paulson from 'The Bible Comes Alive' series of tapes. Sig Paulson and Rick Dickerson did a series on Meditation, as well, that were packed with great information. "The mind knows how to return to it's source" seems to be a statement that stands out to me as direction to attaining the Silence that I can remember. It took all the struggle out of it. Anything of Dennis and Kit Neagle would be appreciated as well. I am sure that Greg Neteler would recognize the voices. Thank you for all you do on this website, Dan Bates

In each tape we hear May respond to questions for nearly an hour, followed by May giving a meditation for 20-30 minutes. The questions on all four tapes are similar and sometimes they overlap, but by listening to them we get a sense of who May Roland was, how she thought and the nature of her spirit. We also gain a sense of how she shaped Silent Unity over fifty-five years.

The meditations in the last third of each tape are powerful and transforming. The meditation in tape #3 is based on Come Ye Apart Awhile. All are based on the formula of relaxing the body, followed by filling the soul with positive affirmations, allowing Holy Spriit to transform our life as we let go.

Note that not all four tapes are segmented and annotated. Doing that is tedious and time-consuming. Until I get them all done, I'm including all four tapes without segmenting.

Listen (Segmented and Annotated):

Healing Workshop October 1971 at the Fillmore Festival Retreat

Healing Workshop October 1972 at the Harvest Festival Retreat

Listen (Not Segmented or Annotated):