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The Vegetarian — Weekly Unity 1911-1916

Royal Fillmore in Weekly Unity 1914-10-22 as The Chef
Royal Fillmore with friends in Weekly Unity October 22, 1914

Weekly Unity
The Vegetarian Columns

The Unity Archives has a file cabinet with folders of photocopied material that is often requested by visitors. That cabinet is known as the Ready Reference File. This is a PDF of a folder in the Ready Reference File labeled Vegetarianism. The contents of the folder is copies of "The Vegetarian" column published in Weekly Unity from 1911 until 1916. The archives has provided the following information about the content:

Though he is not listed as the author or editor, Royal Fillmore is known to have edited the columns, Vegetarian Department and The Vegetarian, in Weekly Unity, from October 25, 1911 until sometime before his death on September 9, 1923. Subsequently the magazine published articles on vegetarianism periodically through November 22,1930. The file includes many copies of the column, but is not complete.

Download the PDF    Download PDF of The Vegetarian columns in Weekly Unity 1911-1916