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Unity tract on vegetarianism

Download the PDF    Download a PDF of Vegetarianism

Here is a 10-page Unity tract that provides a concise explanation of Unity's historical and present teachings on vegetarianism. This tract was published in 1981, apparently by Silent Unity. The view held by Unity World Headquarters today may be different than it was in 1981, but I doubt it. In my opinion, this short, humble tract will speak to the hearts of many, many people who are trying to find a better way to live today. It is a balanced and spiritually powerful consideration of vegetarianism that can help us become whole.

Because I believe so strongly in its message, I have attempted to use the tract as a foundation for further study. The text of the tract has been segmented by me into an outline of pages that you see here in the margin. Accompanying the text on each page is a collection of resources and links that I have collected over several years as part of my own personal study. And I offer my own commentary on each page to explain why the material is important for those who are on the spiritual path.

I hope you are blessed by this tract and the accompanying resources and links. May it be another link in the great educational movement inaugurated by Jesus Christ.
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