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Interpretations of Dreams


I dreamed that I sat by a well of wonderful, life-giving water, which seemed to be on a desert plain. People dressed as Arabs came from distant lands to get this water, which seemed to give joy to all. I rejoiced with each one as he received joy after drinking the water.

In your dream you symbolize the I AM, which had consciously penetrated into the eternal life consciousness.

Jesus said: "Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall become in him a well of water springing up into eternal life." The well of wonderful, life-giving water in your dream is the "well of water springing up into eternal life." Its source is within you, whence it springs forth to renew unproductive states (desert plains) of consciousness. The Arabs are descendants of Ishmael, who was the son of Abraham and his handmaid Hagar. They are one of the oldest of the human races, although only partly civilized. In your dream the people dressed as Arabs represent your uncivilized thoughts, which are potentially good, though not strictly legitimate, not expressing fully under the law. However, they are being redeemed; they are drinking of the living fountain. In this new life your whole being is rejoicing.


In my dream someone stole my new shoes and tried to give me some old ones, which I would not have.

The new shoes represent your new understanding of life in regard to your relationship to the world in general. Your feet (understanding) are being "clothed upon." However, man is always tested every step of the way. One no sooner establishes oneself in the Christ consciousness than some personality in the outer, or a Pharisaical soul force from within, tries to uproot the new power. Go into the silence and realize that you are clad in sandals of gold (pure wisdom), that you are grounded and rooted in divine understanding, and that your own cannot be taken away from you.


In my dream I came across a baby. It became attached to me, and I took it with me when I left. I have often dreamed of babies, especially during the last two years.

Your dreams of babies mean that your mind is being renewed and new states of consciousness are coming forth into expression. These new states of consciousness grow as you affirm Truth and meditate upon it in the silence. "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind."


I dreamed that a wild, black horse was trying to reach me to kick me to death. A large, ferocious tiger prevented the horse from doing this. The tiger prevented the horse from reaching me because he wanted for himself the satisfaction of destroying me. I looked around and saw a little girl about three years of age. Free from all fear and not conscious of the animals facing her, she was sitting on a little chair meditating in the silence. I then became conscious that this little child was myself.

The characters in your dream represent the conditions existing in your subconscious mind. The wild, black horse represents the sex vitality, which you have suppressed through will power, instead of disciplining and wisely directing it. The reaction is symbolized by the kicking, which is trying to destroy your vital forces. The tiger represents the dominant will of the natural man, which would destroy everything that opposes it. The little girl represents the spiritual quality that desires obedience, divine guidance — all the qualities that are involved in the little-child consciousness. Your dream teaches that you need more of the meekness and the humbleness of the little child. Your central thought should be: "Not my will, but thine, be done" (Luke 22:42).


It impressed me that this dream might have a meaning: Some friends seemed to say: "We ought to let T. M. know about this." Then they showed me three large machine needles; the eye was in the point of each, but the needles differed slightly from each other. The first one was marked, "With this the net"; the next one, "With this the lease"; the last one, "With this the meshes of the law."

Your dream indicates that a trap of some kind, which directly concerns you, is being set. It is evident that you have been contemplating some business venture and this is a warning to you to avoid it. Your need is to pray for divine guidance and illumination in order that you may avoid the net, the lease, the meshes of (carnal) law.

The Christ light fills your mind and shines forth into your affairs, dissolving every adverse situation.


I dream very often of wandering about in houses that have tumbled-up furniture. It looks as if some one were getting ready to move out or were just moving in — I do not know which. There are people in these houses; some of them I know and some of them I do not know. The houses are always untidy. Sometimes I seem to go with my father to the old family homestead, but I never see my mother there. Both my father and my mother passed away many years ago. The torn-up condition never changes. Last night I thought that when I left the house it was so dark that I could not see. I had to walk through solid blackness, but finally came to my house of light.

Your many dreams of wandering around in untidy, disorderly houses indicate that you have a work to do in the silence, along the line of orderly thinking. You need to hold for divine order in mind, body, and affairs. Instead of allowing your thoughts to be scattered in the outer, come home to your house of "light"; in other words, gather your thoughts together and center your whole attention within. Then put your thoughts in order. Be sure to give some time every day to the silence, praying for divine order; then in all your ways endeavor to live up to your realizations. For healing of a mental state similar to yours, Paul gave this affirmation: "Let all things be done decently and in order" (I Cor. 14:40).


I dreamed of eggs. I broke one in a pan and it had four yolks.

Man is the offspring of God, who is Spirit. Jesus came to teach mankind the Truth of being, which is that each individual is one with Spirit. Jesus fully realized and demonstrated His oneness with Spirit, and became the Christ. The same Christ Spirit that is within Jesus is within you and within all people. "Christ in you, the hope of glory" (Col. 1:27). All possibilities are contained in Spirit, which is the fourth dimension. In your dream the eggs represent the wonderful possibilities that are in "Christ in you." The four yolks are symbolic of the fourth dimension. You have touched the fourth dimension and are expressing some of the divine attributes. In the silence daily meditate upon these words of Jesus, knowing that they are true of yourself: "I and the Father are one" (John 10:30). In this way you will open the way for the perfect expression of your spiritual powers.


I dreamed that my mother and I were in the mountains climbing upward. Mother was perhaps two hundred feet ahead of me and a great deal higher than I. As I looked up and forward to the greatest heights I saw a cross. The cross, I seemed to feel, was a goal in sight and soon to be reached.

Your dream of ascending the mountain indicates that you are gaining a higher understanding; your fine, intuitive, feminine qualities of soul (mother) are taking the lead in lifting you to a higher consciousness. The carnal mind must be crossed out before the Christ consciousness can be established in you. The cross represents the crossing of the ways where you "put away" the "old man" and "put on the new man, that after God hath been created in righteousness and holiness of truth." The goal that you are in process of reaching is the Christ consciousness.


I long to join my sister, who has passed out. I have experiences in which I seem to leave my body and spend some little time with her spirit. My daily life seems to be unreal and shadowy, and the other life, very real. I had arranged to have my two children operated upon for enlarged tonsils. I had this vivid dream: My husband, the children, and I were out driving. I held the lines. Suddenly it became very dark; I could not see the horse, only the lines in my hands. I pulled the wrong line and the horse plunged up a steep bank and seemed to be ready to disappear with all of us into an abyss. Then I awakened.

Your dream indicates that you are "pulling the wrong line" in not trusting God to heal your children and in not trusting Him to perfect your life here and now. You have been looking to the "other life" until your mind has indued it with more reality than your actual life, with the result that your life seems unreal. You are pulling the wrong line when you give your attention to the "other life." The horse represents the forces that vitalize your body. These forces need to be guided wisely in order that they may continue to sustain you and to unite you with your body temple. The forces of mind and of body follow your attention, wherever it is directed; therefore give your whole attention to expressing the life of God in your body temple here and now.

Acknowledge the Christ wisdom that is within you and give thanks that this wisdom is guiding and directing all your thoughts and your life forces for the purpose of bringing the kingdom of heaven within you into manifestation in your body and affairs.


I dreamed that I was standing beside a river. Suddenly I found myself in the river and the water slowly rose until I went completely under. It seemed as if I struggled to get out, as I awoke after I had gone under the water. This dream came after days of prayer for forgiveness of my sin against God and my husband.

Your dream is the outpicturing of what you are now going through; the waters of negation are rising around you until you are overcome by them. The first step to take in getting out of this negative condition is to forgive yourself. "Saith Jehovah: ... I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin will I remember no more" (Jer. 31:34 and Heb. 8:12). God has already forgiven you for the sin against Him and your husband. When you have forgiven yourself, the consciousness (water) of sin will pass away. The next thing for you to do is to resolve to be noble, sincere, honest, upright, true in all your future thoughts and acts. By your thus repenting the sin that you have committed a transformation will take place in your mind and your heart. "I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former things shall not be remembered, nor come into mind" (Isa. 65:17). A word like this held in the silence daily will help you to make your demonstration:

The forgiving love of Jesus Christ is expressed in me.

The forgiving love of Jesus Christ expressing in you will enable you to make your future so perfect that you will more than atone for your past mistakes. "Love therefore is the fulfilment of the law" (Rom. 13:10).


I dreamed that I was marching with thousands of men in a great army. A soldier driving a big truck was shot. His head fell, but there seemed to be an invisible person seated beside him who guided his hand, and he kept on driving. I could see the merest outline of this invisible guide. I cried out loudly in my dream until my wife awoke me.

Your dream indicates that it is necessary for you to gather your positive forces (men in army) together to be prepared to resist the attack of something you must meet and overcome. In all its activities and functions your body (truck) is guided and sustained by spiritual forces, as well as by forces on the physical plane. When the physical forces, represented by the soldier driving the truck, temporarily lose their hold upon the body (are shot) the spiritual powers (invisible guide) take possession of your organism and sustain it. Cultivate a greater faith in your spiritual powers, so that you can draw upon them in time of need.


I had this peculiar dream: I found myself in a long, roughly built wooden building through which ran a very shallow brook. A man — a sort of workman — was with me. Suddenly I was surprised to see small fish in the stream and when I drew nearer to look, one fish became larger and larger until it took up all the brook. When I reached down to catch this fish it ran away and seemed to go out of the brook and the man with me (who was chasing it also) found that it had hidden under the lower beams of a building, near the ground, which seemed to be covered with sawdust.

Your dream indicates that you have discerned a particular idea (fish) that has great capacity for increase and dilation, but that it is elusive and you are having difficulty in laying hold of it. However, you have the ability (workman) to make your idea practical when you succeed fully in grasping and comprehending it.


In my dream I seemed to be standing on a dock or pier with a silver screen in front of me and I was shooting arrows at a bull's-eye on it. My bow was the latest thing in bows but I was unable to hit the mark. Two young girls came along with their bows, old ones that looked as if they might have come down from early days in England, and they hit the mark every time. Then the screen rolled aside and a wonderful sheet of water stretched out before me as far as the eye could see.

Your dream indicates that you are aiming to "hit the bull's-eye" in accomplishing some definite object that you have in view; however, you are unable to hit the mark without using the reserve executive powers (old bows) stored in your subconscious realm. By calling these executive forces into action you hit the mark every time and get the desired results. You succeed not by using the new forces that quicken your personal consciousness but by drawing upon the storehouse of power through the recognition that it is not you, but the Father abiding in you, who does His works. You are getting a broader view (water as far as the eye could see) of life, and a change for the better is taking place in your affairs.


In my dream I was looking out over the country in the morning just before sunrise. It seemed that my mother was a few yards away. As I looked up I saw the first rays of the sun shoot up swiftly, clearly, and very brightly. The whole country was illuminated in a beautiful burst of light.

At this time the whole race is ready to begin a new cycle in soul unfoldment. In your dream the sunrise means that you are beginning a new cycle, or period of activity, in consciousness, and the light of Spirit (sun) is your guide. Your attention is directed within (east), and your intuitive, creative (mother) soul forces are spiritually illumined.


I had a very serious dream. The scene was in a chicken yard that my father used to have. The yard was all filled with deep muddy water, very muddy. I saw one muddy fish. I wanted to catch it and at the same time stir up more. I stepped on a rock that also was muddy; the rock slipped and I fell in. My first thought when I awoke was: "I had a muddy deal in my marriage."

All the conditions that appear in your mind, body, or affairs have been brought forth under a law. If you think righteously, harmonious conditions will result. If you do not think constructively you create adverse conditions. Chickens represent spiritual thoughts that have been brought down into domestic life; in your dream the chicken yard indicates that your domestic affairs are in a very negative (mud and muddy water), material condition. Fish represent ideas (which are substance and life) that have great increasing capacity. You need to pray for divine order and illumination, that you may successfully lay hold of the necessary ideas to use in making your demonstrations in your domestic life.


In my dream I found myself on the edge of a deep canyon. The walls rose perpendicularly seventy or eighty feet. The bed of the canyon was level, and about sixteen feet wide; through the center ran a stream of the clearest water I have even seen. The grass grew to within four feet of the stream on each side. The clean, grassless stretch of sandy beach on each side looked like quicksand. My brother, a cousin, and I were let down into this canyon and told that it was impossible ever to get out. We stood appalled. Then I said: "I intend to cross the stream to the other side." My brother tried to dissuade me, saying: "The banks are quicksand and in such clear water you cannot guess the depth; you may drown." I walked on. The banks were as solid as marble and I crossed the water without even getting my feet damp. To my surprise I found that the wall on the opposite side was made of brick about twenty-five feet up from the ground, and the outline of a door all bricked up was plain. I called to my brother, "Here is our way of escape," and to my mind came the fact that a pick was on the bank near by. As we raised the pick to strike the brick, wide folding doors that we had not seen opened wide into a vast country.


Your dream indicates that you are ready to enter a new country, but that in order to do so you must make your way through a negative, narrow state of consciousness (canyon) in which you seem to be face to face with difficulties from which there is no escape. Your brother and your cousin represent relative states of mind in which you find no practical method of deliverance. However, the Spirit of truth in you knows that you can find your way out. Your positive, fearless attitude toward the adverse conditions helps you to avoid the quicksands and to cover the ground safely; then your demonstration is made (the door is opened).

"God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation make also the way of escape, that ye may be able to endure it" (I Cor. 10:13)


My husband passed away five years ago and since then I have had a dream over and over. In my dream my husband has left me and will not write; I have no idea where he is and I have no way of knowing. I have a depressed feeling after the dream occurs.

Every experience that comes to you in your whole life, including your marriage, is brought about by law. Your life is the outpicturing of your thought world. Your masculine and your feminine soul forces are not united under the spiritual law and this is the reason why you are having the negative dreams of your husband. You should unite your soul forces in the silence, where you become consciously unified with Spirit, the essence of your soul. A good affirmation to use is:

My Maker is my husband; the Lord of Hosts is His name. His love cherishes, protects, satisfies me. He fills my life with His good.


I saw two girls' faces. One girl was clean and fair, with a great braid of blond hair about her head. She was called "Behind the times." The other was painted and powdered, with dark, bobbed hair, and not so clean. She was called "Beyond the dumbs." Then a voice said: "When the air shall be taken away."

The two faces represent two states of consciousness within you. One is "Behind the times," since it is based upon old ways of thinking and believing. The other is based upon the present, and the signs of the times are read and discerned only by those having spiritual understanding; therefore they are "Beyond the dumbs." "The air" represents divine inspiration, which is as necessary to the mind as the air is to the body. The lesson for you is that you need to meditate upon the truth: "There is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty giveth them understanding" (Job 32:8). Then affirm:

The inspiration of the Almighty is my understanding.

Do this daily.


I dreamed that I looked a snake in the eye until he quit sticking out his tongue. Then someone threw the snake on a trash heap.

The serpent represents sense consciousness. In the Garden of Eden it was the serpent that tempted Eve. The senses are very subtle and deceiving; therefore we cannot depend upon what they report. They are active on the material plane and do not come in touch with the permanent, enduring things of Spirit. But sense consciousness is potentially good. It must be freed from the bondage of material thought placed upon it by the race; it must be uplifted and purified, and so become a power for good. Your dream indicates that you are taking a firm, positive, courageous stand in the truth that good is the one power; you are boldly facing the carnal forces (snake) and demonstrating your I AM dominion over them.


In my vision I saw a multitude of fish floating on the water in perfect order. I was walking among them. They were so fat that when I touched them they burst. I felt that this dream related to my business.

Your vision indicates that you have a multitude of ideas (fish) in your mind, expressing "in perfect order," but they are not practical (too fat). They lack stability, strength of purpose, and resolution; therefore when you lay hold of them they "burst." The ideas that you are using in your business are not practical; put the right kind of ideas into it and it will prosper. You need to develop stability, strength, and firmness of character in order to be more successful.


This is my dream: I thought that for an unknown reason my coupe was left all night on a street several blocks from my residence. Next morning, without examining the coupe, I took hold of the steering wheel, and as I did so I noticed a gravel road ahead instead of a paved boulevard. The automobile of itself started down the road. I thought that it would need power to go up the hill ahead, and I started pedaling as one does when operating a reed organ. I made the grade all right, after which the street again changed to the paved boulevard. I drove the machine into the garage and then discovered two of the wheels missing and a tire ruined on another wheel.

Your dream indicates that you have been neglecting to give your body (automobile) proper attention and as a result it is in a run-down condition. The feet represent the understanding. Your pedaling to give the needed power to run the coupe means that you are exercising your understanding to advantage in uplifting your body, preparatory to restoring it to wholeness. You have "made the grade all right," and now your work is to renew and upbuild your body. Daily in the silence lay hold of the life and the substance of Spirit and incorporate them into your mind and body by powerful affirmations.


In my dream I had rented my front room to a woman boarder. She was airing the bedding. I had two female callers. As the callers were leaving I walked to the front of the house with them, and we passed a mattress, one said: "There is a bedbug!" The mattress was covered with bedbugs.

Bedbugs, flies, and various pests of this character are really the incarnation of sex waste. The whole human family are more or less tainted as a result. This error was evidently stored away in your subconscious mind, and the woman boarder in your dream — really a cleansing power of your own soul — is working to eliminate the error. Meditate on a prayer like this:

In Spirit, soul, and body I am resurrected in the purity and wholeness of the Jesus Christ consciousness. The cleansing, redeeming, restoring power of the Holy Spirit is poured out upon me, and I am made whole.

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