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Jesus Christ Heals


E. C.

When I was a young woman I fell from a high window and injured my spine. The injury was of such a nature that I gradually grew worse, becoming deformed through my hips. I was taken to the best doctors in England, Ireland, and Canada, but could get no relief. I suffered continually. I was in this condition for seventeen years. At the end of that time the trouble seemed to spread all through my system, and I had pleurisy and lung trouble. I was bedfast for many weeks, and had two nurses.

The day nurse was a Truth student, although I did not at that time know what Truth was. I used to watch her; she would look at me in a peculiar manner, and then close her eyes. I presume now that she was treating me, but I did not know it then. One evening the doctors said that I could not live until morning. The day nurse stole up to my bed and placed a copy of Unity magazine near my pillow before she left. Some impulse made me reach for the magazine, open it, and read a sentence or two from its pages. Those words lodged in my consciousness — I could not get them out of my mind. I looked up and beheld Jesus Christ sitting by my bedside. His face glowed, and a flood of light was pouring into the room. He reached over, took hold of my hand, and said: "Daughter, do you believe what you read?" I replied: "I have believed all my life." He said: "Do you believe now? If you do, I will heal you." I replied: "I do." That was all. Jesus Christ disappeared, but the light kept pouring into the room — it seemed to be penetrating and permeating every atom of my being. The pain ceased. I was healed. I got up and left my bed and went to the window. The night nurse came in, thinking that I was demented, and told me that I must go back to bed. I told her that I was healed. Of course she did not believe this. I returned to my bed and fell into a peaceful slumber. I slept hours and hours. When I awoke, I was normal in every way, and the doctors pronounced me cured. Even the deformity of my hips had gone.

My husband, who was a Roman Catholic, was in France at the time. He often wrote, telling me to go to Mass every day, and to be sure not to take up with any of the so-called new religions. However, when he found out about my wonderful healing, he too was converted to my new religion.

I am now giving my life to the work. I have a Truth center in Denver, and we are building up a beautiful work.

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