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What Prayer Can Do For You

What Prayer Can Do For You Cover

by Mary L. Kupferle
Unity School of Christianity
Unity Village, MO 64065

Prayer is for anyone and everyone. It is a natural inclination of the child or of the adult. It is not an emotional approach to a problem, but a quiet Christlike attitude that looks for the good in everything and everyone. It is an attitude of heart and mind that knows there is a good outworking for every challenge confronting anyone.

Prayer is not some strange, mystical activity reserved only for those who feel inclined to express themselves religiously. It is a simple, normal activity of the mind and heart of everyone who desires to be a better person, to understand life and living, to live more richly.

If you will accept this statement that prayer is the answer, that prayer is power, and that prayer can change all things that need changing in your life or in any condition of any kind, you have placed yourself in the stream of blessing that is available to all who ask in faith, believing.

If you are unhappy, prayer can lift you into new lightness of heart, new joy, and happiness. If you are plagued with resentment and bitterness regarding a person or situation, prayer can bring a new understanding to you that will fill you with peace and amazing love. If you are fearful, prayer can transform you into a person of great courage. If you appear sick or lacking financially, prayer can heal your body and restore your financial situation. There is nothing prayer cannot do for you.

Prayer is an inner line of communication between you and your Creator. Prayer is your inner contact with wisdom, understanding, and inspiration. Prayer is your inner awareness that the spirit of truth, of which Jesus spoke, is not only with you but within you, ready to teach you all things. “The Spirit of truth. . . will guide you into all the truth. . . and he will declare to you the things that are to come” (Jn. 16:13).

A few moments of being still, quieting your mind and listening within, will calm your thoughts so that you can pick up your work and activities with renewed wisdom and confidence. A few moments of complete silence, acknowledging the presence of God surrounding you, within you, will bring forth new strength and assurance and will fill your body with fresh vigor and vitality. A few moments alone in stillness, remembering that you are a beloved child of a loving Father, will refresh your whole being and bless your life.

True prayer is an inner attitude. Prayer makes no demands concerning time or location. Right where you are, at your place of business, on the street, in the home, you can pray and pray effectively. The presence of God is everywhere at all times. The spirit of truth is eternally with you and in you as Jesus Christ promised. If you think you do not know how to begin praying, listen within and this spirit of truth will teach you. If you feel inadequate about praying, be still and obedient and the spirit within will guide you.

You may say one word, “Father,” and receive your clear answer. You may pour out a heart full of desire and find your help nigh. You may repeat a beautifully worded psalm and see your direction. You may say nothing at all, only be still, and you will receive.

Pray in your own way. You will see your life transformed and blessed. Stand on no formality. Do not be ashamed to pray. Do not feel guilty because you have prayed infrequently before. Begin to pray now in your own way, in your own time, in your own place of life, and see what prayer can do for you.

People who pray are illumined people. People who pray are inspired people. People who pray are strong, courageous people. People who pray are happy people. People who pray are successful, confident people. That is what prayer can do for you, for everyone. It will illumine you, heal you, prosper you, and bring you into such peace and joy as you have never known. Pray now and see what prayer can do for you!

Unity Village, MO 64065

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