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God Is Healing You Now

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God Is Healing You Now
By Mary Kupferle

God is healing you now! It is occurring at this very moment whether you know it or not. You need not have some mystical experience. You need not feel any unusual physical sensation. You need not even be aware of how it is happening. You need only to relax, to let go, and to be assured that it is being done.

If you are facing a healing challenge of any kind, you can be sure God's healing power will see you through. Indeed, it is happening at this instant. God is healing you now! Whether you are in your home, or hospital, or office, or bus, or plane, or car, God's great love is there, healing you now. Whether you have a lot of spiritual understanding or a little, whether you are old or young in physical years, whether you have a great deal of faith or little, you can grasp these few words, "God is healing me now." They can bring you into a realization that will lead you into total healing, total rebirth, and total change of your life experience for good.

The change may come instantly. If you are going through medical tests, or are under the care of a physician, you can silently know, "God is healing me now." God can and does work through anyone or anything in an infinite variety of ways and means to help and bless and heal His children. You need not question or reason or seek out the ways. He will open them up to you, at the right time and appropriate moment, for He is already at work within every detail of your life, bringing about healing in every aspect.

If your heart is downcast about yourself or a loved one, know that God is healing you now, that God is healing your dear one now. Decree and affirm this consistently and faithfully, and you will be placing yourself in a receptive attitude, readying yourself to receive. If you are plagued by doubts and fears, and if negative thoughts fill your mind, use the words, "God is healing me now," as a rudder to keep your mind turned in the direction of His presence and power. Remember, the truth is that God is healing you now.

If you need to speak these words for hours, or days, or weeks, or perhaps longer in order to let go of limited and negative habits of thinking, the results will be worth every effort. All the way will be a healing way. You may have to stretch your muscles of faith more than you thought you could, but as you do so, knowing that God is healing you now, you will be placing yourself in the position of receiving the greatest blessing of your life.

If you become discouraged, thinking that healing will never come, if you see little sign of progress, quietly realize that God's continuous healing power is at work beyond your ability to judge. Do not reason or compare, or try to figure it all out. Instead, deliberately trust that in every moment and in every detail, God is there, guiding, helping, seeing you through to total healing.

To continue to repeat these words, "God is healing me now," is to fill the mind and heart and body temple, its cells and atoms, so full of this awareness that there is no room left for fear or doubt. Further persistence in repeating the words, "God is healing me now," is to become so fully saturated with this truth that it begins to overflow your mind and body and fill the atmosphere around you. The very air you breathe, your environment, will begin to vibrate with the power of the thought, "God is healing me now." Healing will fill the air. Healing will be released within every cell of your body, into every condition in your life, and into the lives of those around you.

Knowing that it is the Father who dwells within you who does the work, you can leave the outworking to Him, regardless of whether the healing is for mind or body or relationships or any of your life's affairs. God knows the ways and means to bring the right results. Because things are in the process of being healed, you will gladly cooperate and accept His guidance. Your prayers will have a new spirit of release within them as you inwardly become more aware that in every moment, in every circumstance, in every situation, in every development, in every outworking, God is healing, healing, healing!

I have seen the healing of all kinds of conditions. For every healing in my own life or in the lives of others, I have seen just as many ways these healings have come. The ways of answered prayer for healing are as infinite as God is infinite.

Healings have occurred in every kind of environment, through silent prayer or audible, through strong decrees and gentle, sometimes in church services and sometimes in hospitals, regardless of the religious affiliation or lack of it or the manner of prayer. The ways of God and His healing power transcend the concept of man. There is no limit to the healing power of God or to the reach of the healing touch and presence of Jesus Christ.

No matter what any person may say of the impossibilities of healing, all things are possible with God. To acknowledge with praise and thanksgiving, "God is healing me now," is to let the healing begin its flow. Now is the time to believe it for yourself. God is healing you now!

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