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Clear Horizons Summer 1940

Clear Horizons 1940 summer front cover

What To Do When War Breaks Out

Hi Friends:

My suggestion for what we should first do when war breaks out is to relax, rest and read some trusted resource on world peace, inviting Spirit to guide our thoughts and emotions to a higher place and only then to proceed to prayer and action.

Here is the resource I turned to earlier this week. It has 22 short articles about world peace. It’s 60 pages long and I was able to read it in an hour. It opens with several Bible passages and closes with an article about “Solving Problems in a Heavenly Way.” You’ll find “An Analysis of Love” by Henry Drummond, a study of “How Love Evolves” by Japan’s most notable pacifist, Toyohiko Kagawa, an account of what it was like to meet Kahlil Gibran by the founder of Starr Commonwealth for Boys, a prescient view of middle-east politics from the prophet Isaiah, and several poems on peace.

The articles that speak to your heart may be different from those that spoke to mine. What I can say is that at the end of my hour with this resource I found myself at peace, guided by God and filled with love for those suffering from war.

Mark Hicks
Sunday, October 15, 2023


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