Mary E. Wessel

Mary Wessel - Unity Minister

Mary Wessel was ordained a Unity minister in 1933. The following is from an internal Unity story on Mary Wessel:

Mary Wessel Whos Who In Centers story



Mary E. Wessel, leader of the Unity Truth centers of Montana, has had a busy life. Born and educated in New York, she devoted many years to teaching, six of which were spent in the public schools of Los Angeles. After her marriage she went to live in Montana. Here she reared five children, was president of women's clubs, of parent-teacher associations, of leagues of women voters, and was actively engaged in the work of the Unitarian Church. In 1919 Mrs. Wessel became interested in Unity, and from then on she gave up her other varied interests to devote her time to seeking God.

Many changes came into Mrs. Wessel's life. Home, business, husband, and one child were swept away from her. It was then that she turned to God as her true resource. She took up teaching again, and God was with her, for she never had to look for work. Always her work was seeking her.

In the meantime the Unity movement was growing in her community, and Mrs. Wessel greatly yearned to give all her time to it. The day came when she felt definitely called to do this, and since that time she has been constantly engaged in the ministry of Truth. Every week of the year she covers a 500-mile circuit, including the cities of Bozeman, Butte, Livingston, and Billings. She says that she could not do this of herself, but she relies upon God with whom all things are possible. Mrs. Wessel was ordained by Charles Fillmore in August, 1933.

From a Joel Baehr tribute published in 2000:

Mary Wessel Tribute by Joel Baehr

Mary Wessel Tribute

1956. My life was reeling. I was on a yearlong retreat with elk, deer and bear 75 miles south of Bozeman, Montana. I drove there weekly to study with a master teacher, Mary Wessel. Mary brought Unity to Montana. The railroad gave her a free pass to travel, anytime, from city to city to share Unity's light.

Raising three children alone, seeming miracles brought then food and funds. One Christmas there was little food.Walking home from church they saw an incredible basket of food in a store window. The kids asked what they would eat. "God will provide," Mary said. And God did provide! A congregant brought them that very basket. God was Mary's only reality.

At 10 PM Mary swooshed us out the door. This was her time for prayer. She knew things about me I'd not told her. Like when I got an abundance of fruit. "Did you share it?" she asked. I had not. AndI still feel a little guilty.

On her insistence I stopped at Unity Village to talk to Jim Freeman. My life changed completely. Ten years ago Mary died at 107 -- the most sacred Unity woman I have known. Thank you, Mary, for the gift of your radiant self to a wandering maverick. I love you dearly. By Joel Baehr

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