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Georgiana Tree West

Georgiana Tree West - Unity Minister
Georgiana Tree West

The Unity Center of Practical Christianity in New York City was founded by Georgiana Tree West in 1936. She was ordained a Unity minister in 1935. She authored many popular articles and books for Unity expressing the teachings in a clear and practical way. Georgiana was the Minister at The Center until 1959, when she was succeeded by another well-known Unity Minister: popular author and poet, J. Sig Paulson, from 1959 to 1961. One other distinguished Unity Minister who served in New York City was Richard Lynch, who wrote many best-selling books on Unity Metaphysics. Source: Unity Center of NYC

Georgiana Tree West exchanged several letters with Charles Fillmore, beginning in 1936. Ed Rabel speaks about those letters in his video series on Metaphysics II, Lesson One. The content of Charles Fillmore's replies is available under Charles Fillmore > Correspondence With Georgiana Tree West.

Richard Billings recalls his mentor, Georgiana Tree West. Go here for the full interview.

Richard Billings tribute to Georgiana Tree West

I attended services in New York City where Georgiana Tree West was minister. She was known for her counsel on concepts of prosperity along with her long-time friend, Richard Lynch. Her book, Prosperity's Ten Commandments, is something I read as a refresher course on the Law of Giving and Receiving.

Georgiana helped one understand what an awesome universe we live in. She spoke the language of fashion for she strongly believed the outer was manifestation of an inner consciousness. Her spiritual insight gave her skills bring into full expression the Jesus Christ principles.

In a counseling session with Georgiana I poured out my heart. She asked, "Is this what you really want?" She leaned forward in her chair. "Let us talk about what you want to experience." She helped me understand the power in letting go and trusting God. She inspired me to enter the ministry.

by Richard Billings