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Cover for An Overcomer Though Jesus Christ by Sr. Rev. Agbai Agwu
by Sr Rev. Agbai Ompa Agwu

Imagination — Divine Connection Realized

Gen. 30:25-45, Acts 10:9-35

In the quietness and confidence of Spirit, I see myself as God sees me, His perfect image and likeness.

Imagination is that faculty of mind which images and forms. With imagination we lay hold of perfect ideas and cloth them with substance.

Trusting God when nothing seems to happen is very difficult but with the power of imagination we can see beyond the physical and realize divine connection. The story of Rachael, Jacob and Laban gives us greater confidence in exercising our power of imagination.

Rachael did not use her power imagination rightly when she hastily gave her maid to Joseph for the purpose of raising children. At God’s own good time she had children of her own, Joseph and Benjamin.

In the case of Jacob he realized what God always does for us that which links our imaginative faculty with creativity. We are always divinely connected. Resist the temptation to think that God has forgotten you. Have patience and courage to apply your faculty of imagination as God will surely give you your divine connection. And Jacob answered “So shall my righteousness answer for me in time to come....”

Success aught not to be measured in terms of accumulations but an ability to link our ideas with creativity in righteousness. When there seemed to be conflict on what should be given to Jacob for a start, he worked with the principle of imagination. Out of nothingness God created the world. His suggestions to Laban were based on a seemingly impossibility but the omnipresent substance of God actualized it. How does this come into manifestation? He applied imagination, focus, prayer and action.

  1. Jacob saw with the power of imagination where he was blessed with the ability to take care of himself and his family.
  2. Jacob focused only on what he had imagined and not on the reverse.
  3. His prayer was centered on the source and not on the substance.
  4. When he acted, he acted according to the pattern shown him in divine mind.

And the result was that Jacob became wealthy. Whenever we are working with God, let us continue to see ourselves as God is seeing us and not as appearances try to present.

Peter became a disciple of Jesus Christ who preached and demonstrated the unity of all people but Peter never separated himself from the belief that he was a Jew and that the Jews had little or nothing to share in common with the Gentiles. Under no circumstances would he accept to break his Jewish culture of class' “holier than thou” attitude.

In no way had Peter imagined to be in the midst of the Gentiles or to eat whatever the Jewish culture forbids but this time the command came from on high where he had no power to say no. The Jewish food law made it difficult for Jews to eat with Gentiles without defilement. In the eyes of the Jews, the Gentiles were often seen as unclean.

Peter’s vision meant that he should not look upon the Gentiles as unclean or inferior people who God would not redeem. He had thought that, alongside the Jews, and no matter how highly placed, a Roman Gentile person would not accept Christ and was not qualified for salvation. His Vision and Spiritual Understanding gave him clearance to be divinely connected with Cornelius and the Good News of Salvation in Christ Jesus.

When we think of salvation coming to both Jews and Gentiles, we need to ask the question, what is salvation?

The Revealing Word has this to say: “Salvation is the restitution of man to his spiritual birthright, regaining conscious possession of his God given attributes. It comes as the result of redemption, the change from sin to righteousness.” Cornelius was qualified for salvation hence the Holy Spirit gave him the Divine Connection.

We should not allow any barrier deprive us of the benefits of fixing our imagination on the true teachings of Jesus Christ that cuts across languages, culture, geography, economic class or education. Peter was able to sail through in this because he listened to the voice of Spirit and not the voice of men.

In every nation there are hearts dedicated and committed towards the Truth taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ and they have to be connected with the Light. There is the need for us to not stop at seeking, but at seeking and finding the yearning heart with the message of Truth which Jesus said: “I am the way, the Truth and the Life”. “I am the light of the world.” “I came that they may have life and have it more abundantly”. “Lo I am with you always.”

Peter received a vision that changed his imagination positively. Can you volunteer to work with Peter, to go with the message of reconnecting people with their divine birthright? They are the sons and daughters of God meant for all the goodness of God.

... “How beautiful are the feet of them who preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things” (Rom. 10:14-15).

You are blessed in the name of Jesus Christ as you look up to the Holy Spirit for guidance and instructions.