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Cover for An Overcomer Though Jesus Christ by Sr. Rev. Agbai Agwu
by Sr Rev. Agbai Ompa Agwu

Conservation — True Christian Life Style

Isaiah 55:1-13, John 6:35, Colossians 3:18-19.

Through Christ, the divine economy is active in me, and I conserve the spiritual essences in all phases of my life.

What is conservation? The dictionary defines conservation as preservation or restoration of the natural environment ... careful use of the resources.

How do we preserve, how do we restore, how careful are we in the use of our resources? Mistakes have been made somewhere and we need to return to the original creation of God, where obedience to the WORD OF God is required.

Hunger and thirst have subjected many to unnecessary suffering. Food and wine costs money and meets only physical needs but God offers us free nourishment that feeds our souls and preserves our bodies. Today we have a choice to make either to focus on our physical needs or on our spiritual needs. Our physical needs limit us to suffering while our spiritual need liberates us from suffering.

How do we get our spiritual needs? The Bible gives us four steps to adopt and practice: (1) Come (2) Listen (3) Seek (4) call.

“Come unto me all that labor and are of heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

To honor our souls, we must eagerly seek the Lord, receive him and work with Him. A sure covenant of glory already exists between us and God, why should we break it because of selfish hunger for food and thirst for things that do not satisfy?

A story is told of a community that had a problem with their farm land. They sent 30 hunters to investigate the cause of the problem. As they were moving in one single file, the first hunter was hit by a dangerous insect. He refused to tell the others saying to himself that he will not suffer the bite alone. 26 of them had the same experience but when the 27th hunter was bitten by the same object, he shouted and stopped the remaining 3 hunters, and asked the others, “Why did you not warn us of this experience?” They told him they will not experience the bite alone. The 27th hunter and the other 3 survived while the other 26 hunters died one after the other.

The message of conservation comes as a warning for us to know how we honor our sexual lives, how we live a true Christian life.

Our youthful life of vibrancy never really dies; it merely falls asleep in the realm of the subconsciousness. We grow old and become weak because we let the youth idea fall asleep.

There are actions that people take and think it is bravery knowing not that it is weakness and cowardice. A young man boasting of meeting with a woman several times nonstop. A woman doing same.

Know not it is a symbol of self destruction? Know you not that your body is the temple of the living God and not the temple of adultery and fornication? Do not be deceived by sugar-mouthed people who are ready to convince you, only to find yourself on a defiled bed with strange men and strange women. You are only running down the purity of your life.

Come, listen and hear only the truth that will awaken you to your youthful energies that is necessary for regeneration. Your body needs to be refined and restored to its original purity created by God. Don’t give in to the pressure of young men my dear sisters. Don’t give in to flashy promises of sugar daddies. They are very destructive to your life and living. Don’t give in to the flattering words of sugar mummies; don’t give in to flirts who are bent on sucking out the pure essence of life and dump you by the way, oh my younger generations. Your life is more important than anything they will offer to you. God has a purpose for you and your life and he will provide for you the needed and when the need arises.

Jesus Christ represents man in the regeneration, in the process of restoring his body to its pristine purity where it will live perpetually without old age, disease and death. Jesus said “I am the bread of life, he that cometh to me shall never hunger, and he that believeth in me shall never thirst.” Here you can see that your hunger and your thirst are taken care of when you abide by the words of Jesus and the principles governing life.

Waste of substance is a great sin that results in body disintegration. When we allow the sense mind to control us, it causes waste either in the organism or in the more external realm called the world.

Husbands love your wives. Wives love your husbands. It is a sin to flirt for any reason. Jesus came to save men from sin and to make them ready for an abundant entrance into the glorious kingdom of Christ.

The Christian life style demands that we subject ourselves to preserving and restoring and careful use of our God given resources and not to contribute in destroying life carelessly. It is time we give full attention and consideration to the life hid with Christ in God, for the hidden protected life is the conserved life. When our ministers, teachers, leaders, men in Unity, women in Unity sincerely practice conservation, our youth and children will follow our examples. Remember, conservation is the sure remedy for body disintegration.