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Metaphysical meaning of Zichri (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zichri (mbd)
Zichri, zich'–ri (Heb.)--called to mind; remembered; memorial; remembrance; recollected; renowned.

There were several Israelites by this name. They were of the tribes of Levi, Benjamin, Judah, and Ephraim (Exod. 6:21; I Chron. 8:19; II Chron. 17:16). Zichri of the tribe of Ephraim (II Chron. 28:7) is thought to be the same person as "the son of Tabeel" (Isa. 7:6).

Meta. Thoughts in man's higher, religious and spiritual consciousness (Israelites, some of them men of note) that keep calling his attention to the outworking of the law of Being, and to the importance of taking cognizance of this law (called to mind, remembered, recollected, remembrance, renowned).

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