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Metaphysical meaning of Zephath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zephath (mbd)
Zephath, ze'–phath (Heb.)--looking about; viewing from a distance; bending forward to behold; attending; broad vision; high watch; watchtower; mountain watch; seen afar; beacon.

A city of the Canaanites. It was captured by Judah and Simeon and its name was changed to Hormah (Judg. 1:17).

Meta. A group of thoughts of a high, wide–awake, watchful character (looking

about, attending, mountain watch, watchtower, bending forward to behold) that has become a bearer of light (beacon) to the phase of consciousness in which the city of Zephath belongs (Canaanites, Canaan, lowland, signifying the body consciousness). The Canaanites signify the elemental life forces in the subconscious realm of mind in man. Therefore Zephath, a city of the Canaanites, would pertain to the seemingly mortal or physical phase of man's being, which is apparently far removed from that which is really true of man (viewing from a distance).

Because of its high, watchful, awakened character, however, this group of thoughts that Zephath signifies passes into the possession of the more spiritual qualities in the individual (Zephath was captured by Judah and Simeon) and it becomes a fortress and a sanctuary for many inner thoughts and ideals during times of adjustment in consciousness--the name of this city was changed to Hormah. (See HORMAH.)

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