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Metaphysical meaning of Zelzah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zelzah (mbd)
Zelzah, zel'–zah (Heb.)--protection from dazzling brightness; sun–protected; shade from the sun; shade at noontide.

A place on the border of Benjamin, by Rachel's sepulcher (I Sam. 10:2). It was there that Saul, in going from Samuel, met two men who told him that his father's asses, which he had been seeking, were found, and that now his father was troubled about him instead.

Meta. In Zelzah and the persons connected with the incident recorded in I Samuel 10 we find a union of faith and will with the animal and life forces in the organism. Samuel the prophet signifies the inner voice of Spirit, or the inner spiritual understanding expressing itself to the individual. He was of the Levites who were settled in Ephraim, Ephraim referring to the will faculty. Saul, too, represents the will; here, it had not yet come into dominion, but was on the way to rulership. Saul was of the tribe of Benjamin, and Benjamin signifies active faith. Zelzah signifies the bright shining of the inner discernment, reaching to a more outer phase of consciousness in the individual in such a way that the outer can receive the needed Truth and profit by it instead of being blinded by its dazzling brightness (protection from dazzling brightness, sun–protected, shade at noontide; a place on the border of Benjamin).

This expression of light or understanding that we find in Zelzah is a protection to the individual also, in that it gives him conscious unification of his faith and his will (Saul, of the tribe of Benjamin) with his animal life, with a much needed dominion over the animal phase of his consciousness. Saul was to be told at Zelzah that his father's asses had been found and that his father's attention was now turned toward him. Saul's father, Kish, signifies power and authority. Rachel's sepulcher was near Zelzah, and this has significance, since Rachel--ewe, lamb--refers to the soul phase of the pure natural life in the organism of man. The asses that Saul was hunting pertain to a phase of one's animal life and forces.

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