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Metaphysical meaning of Zebul (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zebul (mbd)
Zebul, ze'–bul (Heb.)--making round; surrounding; habitation; dwelling; dwelling together; abiding; cohabiting.

The ruler of the city of Shechem. He joined Abimelech against Gaal, son of Ebed, and against the people of the city, who were rebelling against Abimelech's rule (Judg. 9 :28–41).

Meta. A ruling thought in the burdenbearing attitude of mind that Shechem signifies, which persists in holding to things as they appear; is content to abide in present beliefs and conditions; goes with the crowd; joins forces with the present seeming prevailing power, whatever it may be (habitation, dwelling, abiding, cohabiting). This thought activity is always opposed to any change that would in any way disturb its settled ways; it is not progressive.

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