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Metaphysical meaning of Gaal (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Gaal (mbd)
Gaal, ga'-al (Heb.)--rejection with loathing; abhorrence; contempt; loathing; pollution; unclean; abortion; miscarriage.

Son of Ebed (Judg. 9:26-41). Gaal helped the men of Shechem in opposing Abimelech.

Meta. Abhorrence of that which is destructive, unjust, and tyrannical in the phase of the will that Abimelech signifies. (See ABIMELECH.) This thought or tendency for which Gaal stands contains so much of personal opposition that it does not lead to real overcoming.

Gaal's fighting against Abimelech was very much like one error's opposing another; Gaal was killed in the conflict. We too find that we cannot do away with seeming evil by fighting it, since in cultivating the resisting thought in ourselves we build up an error that will destroy us in the end. If we do not wish to be overcome by evil we must heed the injunction given in Romans 12:21, which is that we shall "overcome evil with good." We must be so strong in the good that evil will not be able to stand in our presence.

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