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Metaphysical meaning of Zabad (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zabad (mbd)
Zabad, za'–bad (Heb.)--whom God gave; gift; present; donation; endowment; dowry.

a Son of Ahlai; one of David's mighty men (I Chron. 11:41). b Other men by this name are mentioned in II Chronicles 24: 26; Ezra 10: 27, 33, 43.

Meta. In giving His Son, the Christ, spiritual man, or Jehovah, to be the true inner self or spiritual I AM of each individual, God gave His whole gift to man. In the Son there is all–possibility; in embryo there is all that the Father is and has. This is suggested in the name Zabad, which means whom God gave, gift, endowment, dowry. One authority gives as the meaning of the name, "my gift is Jehovah."

It is interesting, in conjunction with this name, to look up the significance of ZATTU, HASHUM, and NEBO, the fathers of the men named Zabad that are mentioned in the 10th chapter of Ezra.

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