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Metaphysical meaning of Tob-adonijah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tob-adonijah (mbd)
Tob-adonijah, tob-åd-o-m'-jah (Heb.) --my Lord Jehovah is good; the Lord Jehovah is good; goodness of the Lord Jah.

One of the Levites whom Jehoshaphat sent throughout Judah to teach the book of the law to the people (II Chron. 17:8).

Meta. An acknowledgment of God as good. Especially does this refer to God in His character as I AM and as divine law--the working out of the divine idea of man into manifestation (my Lord Jehovah is good, goodness of the Lord Jah; "Lord" refers to God as law, while "Jehovah" is the Christ, or perfect-man idea in Divine Mind, and exists as the true self, the spiritual I AM, of every individual).

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