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Metaphysical meaning of Timnah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Timnah (mbd)
Timnah (in A. V., Genesis 38:12 and Judges 14:1-5, Timnath; Joshua, 19:43, Thimnathah), tim-nah (Heb.)--part; portion; number; lot; allotment; assignment.

a A Canaanitish city. Judah went up to Timnah to his sheep shearers (Gen. 38:12). b A city of Judah (Josh. 15:10, 57). c A city of Dan (Josh. 19:43); however, this city evidently remained in the hands of the Philistines, for some years at least; it was the home of the Philistine woman whom Samson loved and desired to marry (Judg. 14:1, 2).

Meta. The error race belief that a share of the life forces in man rightly belongs to the use of the purely animal, physical, and sense phase of his being. (Timnah means portion, allotment; it was a Canaanitish city, where Judah kept his sheep. Sheep refer to the pure, natural life of the organism, and Canaanites represent the elemental life forces in man.)

While two of the cities by this name are mentioned as belonging to the Israelites (the tribes of Judah and Dan), the one in Dan (judgment) remained for a long time at least in possession of the Philistines (the outer senses). In Judges 14:5, the "vineyards of Timnah" are mentioned. Vineyards and grapes refer to life. The Philistine women to whom Samson attached himself, and who were the cause of his downfall, signify sensuality.

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