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Metaphysical meaning of Tel-harsha (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tel-harsha (mbd)
Tel-harsha (in A. V., Nehemiah 7:61, Tel-haresha; Ezra 2:59, Tel-harsa), tel-här'-shå (Heb.)--forest hill, wooded hill; hill of Magus; artificial hill; mound of workmanship; hill of magic.

A place in Babylonia (Ezra 2:59).

Meta. A place in consciousness wherein the apparent wisdom and skill of the psychic in man are exalted (hill of Magus, wooded hill, artificial hill, hill of magic, mound of workmanship, a city of Babylonia).

The Jews of the priesthood who returned to Jerusalem from Tel-harsha could not prove their lineage, and so were unqualified for service in the Temple. Even so, there is a difference between the psychic and the spiritual realms in man. Spiritual thoughts and activities alone belong to the real and the true, though many persons who are on the psychic plane mistakenly think that they are dealing in spiritual Truth.

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