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Metaphysical meaning of Taralah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Taralah (mbd)
Taralah, tar'-a-lah (Heb.)--agitating; brandishing; trembling; reeling; uttering; staggering; drunkenness.

A city of Benjamin (Josh. 18:27).

Meta. The desire for a greater realization of the divine presence and power has gone forth from the innermost being of the individual. Taralah signifies a result of the beginnings of the fulfillment of this desire. When the divine presence and power begins its activity in the consciousness and the organism, one is likely to sense great inner agitation because of the human, which fears and resists the spiritual, the--to it--unknown (agitating, trembling, uttering, reeling, staggering, drunkenness; when the disciples received the spiritual baptism at Pentecost, some who saw and heard them accused them of being drunk).

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