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Metaphysical meaning of Tabitha (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tabitha (mbd)
Tabitha, tab'-i-thå (Gk. fr. Aram.)--beautiful; splendid; glorious; gazelle; antelope; roe.

The same person as Dorcas (Acts 9:36).

Meta. Tabitha and Dorcas both mean gazelle, antelope, doe, roe, which signify a grace, lightness, and symmetry of soul and body that are of Spirit.

When faith (Peter), the spiritual quality that realizes the reality of the inner life forces, begins its work in consciousness and joins the saints (consecrated thought forces) dwelling in Lydda, there is a renewing of the life consciousness in both mind and body (Acts 9:32-34). Then Æneas is healed. (See ÆNEAS.)

Next, neighboring states of consciousness hear of the works of faith (Peter), and believe (Acts 9:35). Joppa (beauty! is the dwelling place of Tabitha, signifying here an awakened soul-opulence in Christ, or spiritual benevolence. When this spiritual force works too much in the outer consciousness it loses connection with the one life, falls sick, and dies (Acts 9:36, 37).

Acts 9:39-42: The "widows" who stand round weeping typify mixed thoughts, only half established in Truth--half truths; they therefore waste their substance in the without. But when the radiant light of faith penetrates the darkness, all is changed. The grace and the beauty of Spirit are again awakened, and Tabitha (spiritual benevolence) is made alive.

The raising of Tabitha from the dead by Peter teaches us to deny away and put out of mind the belief in failures and lost opportunities.

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