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Metaphysical meaning of Syracuse (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Syracuse (mbd)
Syracuse, syr'-a-cuse (Gk. fr. Phoenician)--Tyre hidden; hidden rock; luxurious living; secret; violent drawing.

A very wealthy commercial city on the southeastern coast of the island of Sicily; Paul and his companions tarried there for three days while he was being taken a prisoner to Rome (Acts 28:12).

Meta. Tyre (rock, strength, compressed) signifies the realm of sensation in man's consciousness. Tyre and Sidon refer to the region of man that may be termed bodily sensation.

Syracuse (Tyre hidden, luxurious living, secret, violent drawing) symbolizes the tendency to hide, to keep secret, the thoughts and habits and knowledge that pertain to this phase of the physical and sensual in man that is typified by Tyre. Thus we find that there is much false prudery in the world and that it tends to keep people in ignorance of facts regarding bodily sensation as it relates to sex. Especially are young people kept from knowledge that they should have in order to protect themselves and to learn to direct their thoughts and desires aright, so. as to avoid much error and inharmony. Paul's tarrying there three days while on his way to Rome bespeaks a work of Truth as being done in the Syracuse phase of consciousness.

Violent drawing suggests the unnatural and turbulent push and pull, the unrest in consciousness, that results from the action and reaction of sense desire and sense habits. Syracuse, being a very wealthy commercial city, signifies the vast amount of thought and substance that man gives to the sustaining of the carnal and sense phase of his being, and the commerce that is carried on there.

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