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Metaphysical meaning of Succoth-benoth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Succoth-benoth (mbd)
Succoth-benoth, sue'-coth-be'-noth (Heb.)--booths of the daughters; booths for the daughters; daughters' tents.

Some think it is a Babylonian idol, and others think that it refers to tents or booths where the Babylonian daughters prostituted themselves in the worship of their god (II Kings 17:30).

Meta. The apparently physical body of man, in its temporary, corruptible state of manifestation, given over to the carrying out of the lustful, animal desires and emotions of the sense phase of the soul, and believing these to be of divine origin--many people think that God gave man his lustful desires (booths for the daughters, daughters' tents, either a Babylonian idol or booths, tents, where Babylonian women prostituted themselves in the worship of their god).

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