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Metaphysical meaning of Sibbecai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sibbecai (mbd)
Sibbecai (in A. V., II Sam. 21:18 and I Chron. 20:4, Sibbechai), sib-be-cai (Heb.)--interweaving of Jehovah; Jah is intervening; thicketlike; thicket of Jah; weaver; four-stringed musical instrument; harp; lyre; latticework.

The Hushathite who slew Saph, or Sippai, one of the sons of the giant Raphah (II Sam. 21:18). He was one of David's mighty men, and was the eighth captain for the eighth month, over the Zerahites (I Chron. 11:29; 27:11). In II Samuel 23:27, he is called Mebunnai.

Meta. A quick, strong, harmonious thought activity in the higher, truer phase of man's consciousness (an Israelite, one of David's valiant men) that is of a true, character-weaving, constructive nature (weaver, harp, lyre). It is based on the overcoming power of the Christ or I AM, which is working in its behalf (interweaving of Jehovah, Jah is intervening). Thicketlike and thicket of Jah pertain to the ideas or inspirations of Spirit, which cannot be penetrated by the sense reasonings that the giant Raphah and his sons represent, but easily reveal the limitations of these sense reasonings and put them out of consciousness. (See HUSHATHITE and MEBUNNAI.)

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