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Metaphysical meaning of Saph (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Saph (mbd)
Saph, saph (Heb.)--threshold; vestibule; dish; basin; doorkeeper; preserver; addition; extension; achievement; orbicular extent; gigantic.

A son of the Philistine giant Raphah, who was slain by Sibbecai the Hushathite (II Sam. 21:18). In I Chronicles 20:4, he is called Sippai.

Meta. The seeming power, expansion, greatness, and influence that the intellect possesses when given first place in man's consciousness (threshold, vestibule, dish, doorkeeper, extension, gigantic, a Philistine giant). Saph refers to the rule of the intellect guided by the senses apart from or opposed to Spirit. It is the claim of the senses that outer, seemingly material appearances and manifestations are real; that the cause of all achievement is material. That which is symbolized by Saph, son of the Philistine giant Raphah, does not recognize Spirit as being back of and interpenetrating all that is. It believes not only in material causes for all manifestations, but it also believes that protection and preservation of life and good come from without (preserver).

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