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Metaphysical meaning of Shiphrah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shiphrah (mbd)
Shiphrah, shiph'-rah (Heb.)--polished; bright; shining; brilliant; splendid; beautiful; pleasing; a sonorous tone; trumpet-clear.

One of the Hebrew midwives whom Pharaoh commanded to kill all the male children of the Hebrew women at birth. However, like the others, she saved them alive because she "feared God"; she was therefore blessed by the Lord (Exod. 1:15-21).

Meta. A spiritual phase of the soul in the individual that refers very specifically to the receiving into consciousness of new ideas, or to their care as they enter the consciousness. Pharaoh, the ruling thought of the darkened, ignorant state of consciousness that Egypt signifies, would have these new positive Truth ideas for which the Hebrew male infants stand denied away at once (slain at birth). Shiphrath, however, the light, wholesomeness, justice, trueness, and purity of the spiritual soul character (bright, splendid, beautiful, trumpet-clear), does not obey Pharaoh, even though the Hebrews are seemingly in bondage to him at the time. Because her trust is in God and not in man, Shiphrath saves the children (new ideas of Truth) alive; thus these ideas grow stronger in consciousness and multiply greatly to the outworking of deliverance from darkness and bondage and to wonderful growth of the real and true in the individual (Israelites).

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