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Metaphysical meaning of Shiphi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shiphi (mbd)
Shiphi, shi-phi (Heb.)--abundant; copious; overflowing; superabundant; wealth; multitude; myriad; Jah is fullness; multitude of Jehovah.

Father of Ziza and son of Allon, chiefs of the Simeonites (I Chron. 4:37).

Meta. A prosperity idea; a rich, influential thought of great increase, founded in Spirit (Jah is fullness, abundant, wealth, multitude of Jehovah), the result of an attentive, obedient attitude (Shiphi was a chief of the Simeonites, and Simeon the son of Jacob, from whom the Simeonites were descended, means hearing; hearing relates to attentiveness and obedience).

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