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Metaphysical meaning of Ziza (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ziza (mbd)
Ziza, zi'–zå (Heb.)--throwing out rays; shining; glittering; sparkling; brilliant; ornamental; living; moving; active; full–breasted; flowing with milk; abundant; productive; nourishment; cheerfulness; contentment.

a Son of Shiphi, a Simeonite (I Chron. 4:37). b A Son of Rehoboam (II Chron. 11 :20).

Meta. Thoughts that radiate understanding, satisfaction, and substance--rich, bountiful, wise, radiant thoughts (throwing out rays, shining, abundant, productive, contentment) that belong to the attentive, obedient attitude in man (a Simeonite) and to the prayerand–praise consciousness, or consciousness of accumulation (a man of the royal line of Judah, a son of Rehoboam, who was Solomon's son and the first king of Judah).

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