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Metaphysical meaning of Shinab (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shinab (mbd)
Shinab, shi-nab (Heb.)--father's tooth; sharpened desire; father of change; father of mutation; father of transgression.

King of Admah, who rebelled against Chedorlaomer, king of Elam, and the kings who were with him, and was defeated (Gen. 14:2).

Meta. The presiding thought of the state of consciousness that Admah signifies. (See ADMAH.) In Shinab we find a thought of assimilation of substance (father's tooth), which may easily apply to a gluttonous desire for food (sharpened desire). In this name we also find that which tends to destructiveness and error (father of mutation, father of transgression) and to a changeable, unreliable nature (father of changing). "Father," in the meaning of this name, does not refer to God but to the adverse thought or consciousness from which all fleshly and sense desires and activities spring.

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