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Metaphysical meaning of Elam (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Elam (mbd)
Elam, e'-lam (Heb.)--hidden; concealed; remote time; eternal; everlasting; fully developed; a young man; puberty.

a Son of Shem (Gen. 10:22). b A country, or a people that was descended from Shem (Gen. 14:1). Elam is mentioned in Isaiah 11:11 as a place whence the Lord "will set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people." c A Levite (I Chron. 26:3). d A Benjamite (I Chron. 8:24). e A man whose "children" returned from the Babylonian captivity (Ezra 2:7). f A priest who helped praise and give thanks at the dedication of the Temple after it was rebuilt (Neh. 12:42). g A chief of the people who joined Nehemiah in sealing the covenant (Neh. 10:14).

Meta. Thoughts of the abidingness, resourcefulness, and creative power of Truth, of that which is of God--Spirit (eternal, everlasting, fully developed, a young man, puberty). The natural man may not know the Truth of his being; it may be hidden, concealed under the debris of sense thought and belief. It will come to light in due time, however, and will bring forth its fruit of perfection in the life of every individual.

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