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Metaphysical meaning of Sherebiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sherebiah (mbd)
Sherebiah, sher-e-bi'-ah (Heb.)--heat of Jehovah; Jehovah hath glowed; Jah glimmers; Jah is originator

a A Levite who came to Ezra at the river Ahava, preparatory to leaving Babylon and returning to Jerusalem (Ezra 8:18). b One who joined Nehemiah in sealing the covenant (Neh. 10:12).

Meta. One's natural religious tendencies (priests and Levites) awakening to the fact that through the indwelling Christ one becomes conscious of the activity of all true light, or understanding, life, love, and purification within one. (Some of the meanings of Sherebiah are Jehovah hath glowed, heat of Jehovah, Jah is originator. Glowing suggests both light and fire, or heat; light refers to understanding; and heat refers to life, love, and the refining, purifying fire of Spirit.)

The word declared in the I AM consciousness sets spiritual qualities into activity for good throughout one's being. The word may be declared somewhat as follows: "I am light; I am wisdom; I am love; I am the pure substance of Spirit."

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