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Metaphysical meaning of Shaul (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shaul (mbd)
Shaul, sha'-ul (Heb.)--asked for; desired; wished; demanded; searching; inquiring; digging; hollowing out; excavating.

a Son of Simeon. His mother was a Canaanitish woman (Gen. 46:10). b A king of Edom, Shaul of Rehoboth (Gen. 36:37). c Son of Uzziah, a Levite (I Chron. 6:24).

Meta. Shaul is a form of the name Saul, and its meaning is the same as that of Saul. It relates to the will in individual consciousness, the personal will. (See SAUL.)

The men by this name, one a king of Edom, one a son of Simeon, and one a Levite, refer to the will or executive faculty in man, active at different times through the various phases of consciousness that Simeon, Edom, and Levi signify, to draw to or work out for the individual that which he desires for his personal advancement.

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