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Metaphysical meaning of Shaphan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shaphan (mbd)
Shaphan, sha'-phan (Heb.)--covered; hidden; underground; sly; cunning; prudent; small ruminant; rabbit; cony; bearded; covered lip.

a Son of Azaliah, a scribe at the time of Josiah, king of Jerusalem, and Hilkiah, the high priest (II Kings 22:3-14). b There were other Israelites by this name (II Kings 22:12; Jer. 29:3; Ezek. 8:11).

Meta. The subjective memory, or recurring consciousness of the law, which brings out the inner rule of action that leads on to higher and better things through mental and physical evolution.

In II Chronicles 34:14-28 the subjective memory (Shaphan the scribe) receives through the religious tendencies (Hilkiah the priest) the impression of the higher standards of life, as man consecrates himself to God and begins to use the energies of his mind and body (money in the house of Jehovah) in the restoration of his body temple.

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