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Metaphysical meaning of Shapham (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shapham (mbd)
Shapham, sha'-pham (Heb.)--polished; smoothed; bright; youthful; vigorous; bold; worn away; bare; bald; wasted; pining away; disappearing.

A Gadite and second in rank, a chief (I Chron. 5:12).

Meta. A ruling or strongly influencing thought of splendid courage, energy, and youthfulness (polished, bright, youthful, bold, vigorous), the result of power active in life and substance (a chief of Gad, who lived in Bashan, Gad referring to the power faculty in man, and Bashan referring to abundant life and substance). Worn away, wasted, bald, bare infer a putting away of the belief in purely physical and material strength and life, that the spiritual and true may be established.

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