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Metaphysical meaning of Sela (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sela (mbd)
Sela, se'-lå (Heb.)--rock; large rock; cliff; firm; solid; elevated; lofty; fortress; stronghold.

The capital of Edom (II Kings 14:7, "the rock," margin). It is called Selah in Isaiah 16:1; in margin, Petra.

Meta. Sense man's trust centered in physical strength and power (rock, cliff, firm, elevated, fortress, the capital of Edom and a stronghold in Edom). Sela is the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek word petra (rock), that Jesus used in regard to Peter (faith) in Matthew 16:18. (See JOKTHEEL for the significance of this city's being conquered by the king of Judah and renamed Joktheel.)

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