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Metaphysical meaning of Secu (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Secu (mbd)
Secu (A. V., Sechu), se'-cu (Heb.)--cutting; separating; discerning; viewing; looking; watching; overseeing; watch place; watchtower.

A place in Palestine, at or near Ramah, where there is a great well (I Sam. 19:22).

Meta. A consciousness of spiritual discernment, of judgment or separating and cutting off of error; a watchful attitude of mind (cutting, separating, discerning, looking, watching, watch place; a place at Ramah).

Ramah was the home of Samuel, and signifies a very exalted state of mind. Naioth (habitations, dwellings), a place in Ramah where Samuel had his "company of prophets," signifies the abiding place of the Most High, or a conscious abiding in the higher things of Spirit. David (love) fled to that place for protection from Saul (the will functioning in the selfishness of personality), and when Saul came there seeking David to slay him, all his power to harm David departed from him and he also began to prophesy; he was for the time being inspired by the Spirit of truth.

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