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Metaphysical meaning of Secacah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Secacah (mbd)
Secacah, se'-a- cah (Heb.)--interwoven; interlaced; entwined; hedge; thicket; inclosure; cover; protection; envelopment; shade; shadow; defense; secret.

A city of Judah, in the wilderness (Josh. 15:61).

Meta. A consciousness of security, of protection, that is built up in the soul by the unifying and interweaving action of high spiritual aspiration coupled with abundant praise of God--the good, perfect, true, and all-powerful source of all that really is (interwoven, entwined, protection, envelopment, shade, defense, a city of Judah--Judah representing the life faculty in man, which, in its highest aspect, expresses as spiritual aspiration, praise).

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