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Metaphysical meaning of Sarid (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sarid (mbd)
Sarid, sa'-rid (Heb.--a sole survivor; one left; a survivor; a remnant; a refuge.

A border city of Zebulun (Josh. 19:12).

Meta. The divine idea of man, the Word of God, that abides forever, even though all outer seemings may fail. Heaven and earth may pass away, yet the true Word, the spiritual idea underlying all existence, remains (a survivor, one left), and retains its protecting, sustaining, working power (a refuge). This divine idea, or Word, enters into man's life and consciousness with greatly increased power when man begins to bring his order faculty into expression (Sarid was a boundary city of Zebulun, and Zebulun, son of Jacob, represents the faculty of order in the individual).

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