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Metaphysical meaning of Sanballat (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sanballat (mbd)
Sanballat, san-bal'-lat (Heb. fr. Pers.) --who strengthens the army; lauded by the army; muzzled hatred; hatred in secret; secret enemy.

"The Horonite," one who opposed the Jews in their work of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and in resettling Judea with Jewish people from Babylon (Neh. 2:1); 4:1).

Meta. Enemies in secret (secret enemy, hatred in secret); error thoughts and fears of which we have not as yet really become conscious, but which are working with seemingly great strength (who strengthens the army) in our subconsciousness and out into our body consciousness and our body."Who can discern his errors ?Clear thou me from hidden faults."

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