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Metaphysical meaning of Horonite (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Horonite (mbd)
Horonite, hor'-o-nite (fr. Heb.)--cave; cavern; anger; indignation.

A native of Horonaim or, according to the American Standard Version, of Beth-horon; Sanballat the Horonite was one of those who opposed Nehemiah's rebuilding of the wall about Jerusalem (Neh. 2:10, 19).

Meta. A thought belonging to the Horonaim or Beth-horon state of consciousness and the opposing, fighting, resisting attitude that it takes while being dealt with in the overcoming of error. It must be, and finally will be, put entirely out of consciousness. (See Nehemiah 13:28-30; see also BETH--HORON and HORONAIM.)

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