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Metaphysical meaning of Rezon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Rezon (mbd)
Rezon, re'-zon (Heb.) -- heavy; weighty; august; important; reputed; honored; prince; king.

Son of Eliada, and an officer of Hadadezer, king of Zobah. He had revolted from Hadadezer and had set up a little kingdom of his own in Damascus. This man became an adversary to Solomon (I Kings 11:23).

Meta. A phase of intellectual thought that aspires to rulership in the consciousness of the individual (weighty, august, important, prince, king; Zobah was a portion of Syria, and Zobah, Syria, Hadadezer, and Damascus refer to phases of the intellect when it is guided by the senses).

The text says that God raised Rezon up against Solomon because Solomon had allowed his many foreign wives to turn his heart away from the one true God. This means that when the inner wisdom, represented here by Solomon, unifies itself with the many sensuous emotions and false desires of the animal nature and becomes enamored with them, its power to understand and guide and instruct the true Israelitish phase of mind in the individual becomes dulled. Thus it makes itself a prey to the material reasonings of the sense intellect.

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