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Metaphysical meaning of Resheph (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Resheph (mbd)
Resheph, re'-sheph (Heb.)--inflamed; flame; kindled; fire; lightning; fever; burning plague; arrows, i. e., lightning of the bow; sparks.

Son of Beriah, a man of Ephraim (I Chron. 7:25).

Meta. The definitions of this name point to an unwise expenditure of energy in the fiery executiveness of an active will. (Ephraim refers to the will faculty in man; lightning, flame, fire, bespeak fiery executiveness and activity of the will; inflamed, fever, burning plague, reveal a lack of peace and poise, also cross currents in the organism, thus an unwise and destructive expenditure of energy.) A balance should be brought about by a calling of some of the other faculties, such as love, wisdom, good judgment, into expression.

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