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Metaphysical meaning of Pishon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Pishon (mbd)
Pishon (A.V., Pison), pi-shon (Heb.) --great outpouring; full flowing; fully diffused; spread out; real existence; perfect substantiality; being, carried to its highest degree.

One of the four rivers of Eden (Gen. 2:11).

Meta. Pishon is defined as fully diffused, carried to its highest degree. This is descriptive of Spirit at work in man's consciousness, Spirit diffusing its ideas of intelligence and light, the activity of divine ideas in their fullness.

The river Pishon is described as encompassing "the whole land of Havilah." Havilah represents the struggle of elemental life, virtue born of trial. There is gold in this land, which means that locked up in our body temple are all the treasures of Spirit. These are released by the inflow of spiritual Pishon.

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