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Metaphysical meaning of Piltai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Piltai (mbd)
Piltai, pil'-tai (Heb.)--deliverance of Jah; Jah causes to escape; Jehovah is salvation, Jah saves.

An Israelitish priest in the days of Joiakim (Neh. 12:17). He was of the house of Moadiah.

Meta. When man becomes established in the Christ righteousness--in grace, mercy, and Truth--and learns to affirm, meditate on, and realize divine life and substance, spiritual ideas, words of Truth (Moadiah), he is set free from all error and its results, as is signified by Piltai (deliverance of Jah, Jah causes to escape, Jah saves).

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