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Metaphysical meaning of Peullethai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Peullethai (mbd)
Peullethai (A.V., Peulthai), pe-ul-le'-thai (Heb.)--wages of Jehovah; acquisitions of Jah; works of Jah; products of Jehovah; my wages; my works.

Son of Obed-edom, and a doorkeeper in the tabernacle, in David's reign (I Chron. 26:5).

Meta. Love serving, and guarding the door of one's thoughts (Peullethai was a doorkeeper in the tabernacle, in David's reign. David represents love, and a doorkeeper suggests that which guards one's thoughts. Wages and works signify service too, as does Obed-edom the father of Peullethai.) Wages of Jehovah, works of Jah, my wages, my works, reveal two things: the fact that this idea of loving service is still mixed with personal, carnal beliefs and tendencies that give to service the feeling of burden and labor; and a deep sense of unity in consciousness, a realization by the individual that he and Jehovah are one.

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