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Metaphysical meaning of Pethor (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Pethor (mbd)
Pethor, pe'-thôr (Heb. and Chald.)--extension; table; tablet; interpreting of dreams; prophetic utterances; prophecies.

A town in Mesopotamia, the home of Balaam the prophet, to whom Balak king of Moab sent messengers to get him to come and curse Israel (Num. 22:5; Deut. 23:4)

Meta. A certain broadening of mental vision (extension), and a degree of insight into the power of thoughts and their working out into expression (prophecies); also an understanding of thought forms and the ideas back of them (interpreting of dreams), but more under the dominion of the sense man than of the spiritual (a town in Mesopotamia, and the home of Balaam; see MESOPOTAMIA and BALAAM).

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