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Metaphysical meaning of Parosh (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Parosh (mbd)
Parosh (in A.V., Ezra 8:3, Pharosh), pa'-rosh (Heb.)--jumping; leaping; springing; nimble; fleeing; a flea; a fugitive.

a Two thousand one hundred and seventy-two of the descendants of Parosh returned from the Babylonian captivity with Zerubbabel (Ezra 2:3). b The name of a chief of the people who joined Nehemiah in sealing the covenant (Neh. 10:14).

Meta. Thoughts belonging to the higher and more religious phase of man's consciousness (Israelites) that are very quick, swift, and active (jumping, leaping, springing, nimble). They are somewhat lacking, however, in the stability and the sureness that enable the individual to take a positive stand for Truth (fleeing, a fugitive), though they lead to freedom and good (the "children" of the one man named Parosh, to the number of two thousand one hundred and seventy-two, returned from the Babylonian captivity, while the other Parosh joined Nehemiah in sealing the covenant).

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