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Metaphysical meaning of Parbar (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Parbar (mbd)
Parbar, pär'-bar (Heb.) open portico; piazza; canopied; open summer house, i. e., open on all sides to light and air; colonnade.

A place close to the Temple, probably within its outer walls; a precinct or colonnade on the west side of the Temple inclosure, that contained rooms for officials and divisions for stock (I Chron. 26:18, margin, the precinct). In II Kings 23:11 it is translated "the precincts," in the American Standard Version, and "the suburbs," in the Authorized Version. It is said to be the place where Nathan-melech the chamberlain had his room.

Meta. A phase of the higher consciousness of man (Jerusalem) that lies very close to the inner spiritual place of worship and the meeting place between God and the individual, yet is outside the real, true, inner spiritual realm (open summer house, piazza, open portico, a precinct close to and really a portion of the Temple; it was on the west side, west always referring to the without). This phase of consciousness might be said to be one that helps connect our inner spiritual thoughts and ideals with our more outer states of mind.

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